Insulation Board MB1000 Pipe

Insulation board MB1000 Pipe

The Insulation board MB1000 Pipe is covered in aluminium foil, glass fleece or HT-Glass fabric. Due to a special process, the boards are flexible and can be bent around pipes without any problem.

This thermal insulation material consists exclusively of inorganic, oxide substances. The material is diffusion open for vapor. It is fits perfectly for high temperature applications, where it saves a lot of space and energy.

The MB1000 Pipe

  • is very easy to install
  • saves a lot of installation time
  • has extremely low thermal conductivity
  • available in a dust free version
  • is free of organic binders and respirable fibers
  • various coverings like glass fleece, aluminium foil, glass cloth or PE-Foil are available
  • is available in a 1100°C resistant version
  • is non-combustible

MB1000 pipe cloth is also available in a hydrophobic version, so that the microporous core is insensitive to water. The material is diffusion resistant to vapor.

What are your advantages using MB1000 pipe

  • shorter installation time
  • easy to handle and to install
  • reduced cuttings on the site
  • high temperature stable
  • flexible and clean boards
  • free from respirable fibers and organic binders
  • hydrophobic boards are available
  • best thermal insulation performance
  • thin and lightweight insulation
  • custom made to your requirement
  • non-combustible

Applications are in

  • Refineries
  • Fuel cells
  • Pipelines
  • Machines and equipment construction
  • Steel industry

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