Overstiched microporous insulation board – MB1000 OS


Overstiched microporous insulation board – MB1000 OS

The MB1000 OS is a flexible microporous, thermal insulation material with extremely low coefficients of thermal conductivity. Due to the stitched grid, it becomes very flexible and can be used for insulation in many 2D and 3D shapes.

The cover is made of glass fiber, which makes the flexible boards clean and very easy to handle an to install.

MB1000 OS is also available in a hydrophobic version, so that the microporous core is insensitive to water. The material is diffusion resistant to vapor.

What are your advantages using MB1000 OS / overstiched

  • Very flexible and bendable boards
  • Easy to handle and to install
  • Hydrophobic boards are available
  • Clean processing – no dust
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Best thermal insulation performance
  • Thin and lightweight insulation
  • Standard dimensions are available from stock
  • Custom made to your requirement
  • Non-combustible

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