Tape – MB1000 Tape


Tape - MB1000 Tape

MB1000 Tape is a flexible tape made of a microporous insulating material with extremely low coefficients of thermal conductivity, and thus with a very good insulating capacity.

These tapes are flexible for diameters of 50 mm and bigger. This thermal insulation material consists exclusively of inorganic, oxidic substances.

The material is diffusion-stable against humidity (water vapour). MB1000 Tape reacts sensitively to all wetting liquids such as water, oil, petrol, etc., as these liquids destroy the pore structure.

MB1000 Tape can be stored indefinitely.


MB1000 Tape can be used to insulate pipes, flanges and pipe bends quickly and easily. The MB1000 Tape can be easily wrapped around diameters from 50 mm.

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