In January 2013, company owner Uwe Becker founded BECKER INSULATION in Bippen, near Osnabrück, Germany. Mr Becker had more than 30 years market experience and initially started with just one employee. The number of employees increased tenfold in the subsequent years and the company grew steadily. Investments were made in machines and systems, storage capacities were expanded at the extensive company site and a new production hall was built in 2018.

Customer interest in the diverse high-temperature insulation materials from BECKER INSULATION for systems engineering and industrial furnace construction was great from the onset. From initial cutting requests for simple panels, international customer requests for highly complex 3D parts made of microporous and other high-temperature resistant insulating materials can now be met.

BECKER INSULATION supplies customers in Europe, Asia, South and North America, Africa and Australia – to a total of 33 countries. Additionally, the company works with global partners in the raw material sector, in sales and in product development. The range is innovative and diverse, installation at the customer’s premises is part of the service. The reliability and flexibility provided by Uwe Becker and his team makes them attractive partners for a growing global customer base.


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